Classroom Teachers

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Culinary Arts
Chef WrightChef Bob Wright

           English Language Arts Department


Miss Elizabeth Brown

01289Miss Ashley Feyedelem
Ms. Heather Cowden

Ms. Angela Hudec

Mrs. Jessica Lanser
Miss.Emily Chylinski

Ms.Marines Uscategui


                Elective Department


Ms.Corinne Evans (ART)

Ms Kelly Kintzler (ART)
01317 Ms. Donna Law (ART)
Ms. Jennifer Dusek (Music )
placeresSergeant Major Wilfred Placeres (ROTC)
royalSergeant Calvin Royal (ROTC)

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                 Math Department

Mr. John Ingram

Ms. Kristy Heimbach
Ms. Andrea Hunt
Mr. Mike Mizeski
Mrs. Heather Russell

Miss Elizabeth Toth
Miss Stephanie Vantassel
Mrs.Fannie mae Hodges


             Physical Education Department

Miss Brittany Szunko

Mr. Jason Szymanski

               Reading Department

Ms. Lisa Collins

Ms. Whitney Napper

Miss Christine Kingsley
Ms. Monika Hadaszy

                Science Department

Mrs. Jennifer Bennett

Mrs. Christa Cerelli

Mrs. Caroline Holloman

Mr. Mitchell Newport
01373Miss Megan Yarcho
Miss. Aisha McGee

                    History Department

Mrs. Laura Allison
01260Miss Jenna Anderson
Miss Courtney Hagar
Miss. Jessica Jecusco
01306Ms. Janet Kardas

Mr. Steve Kling
01314Mr.Casey Lanser

01318Mr. Joel Lust
01336Ms. Christine Post

             Spanish Department

Ms. Beatrix Pulido

Ms. Elizabeth Starkman



Ms.Marines Uscategui



          ESE Department

Mrs. Judy Bird
01298Ms. Mary Hilton

Mr. Steve Patton

Mrs. Kelly Smallwood
01370Mrs. Jessica Palmieri
01371Mrs. Liz Wright