In order to protect the health and safety of employees and students, those who access Pasco County School locations must self-screen for symptoms and other risk factors of COVID-19.  If you answer yes to any of the questions, you should NOT be on a school campus or in a district office.  The screeners are accessible on our Covid-19 Screeners page.  Additional information about COVID-19 can be found in the district’s Covid Daily Report , COVID protocols, and Learning From Home Resource guide.

Classroom Teachers

English Language Arts/Reading


Ashley Feyedelem


Angela Hudec


Cheryl Vinson


Jessica Lancer


Heather McDermott

Meridith Hart


Dhimitrula Binjaku


Chance Phillips


Barbra Gisondi


Lisa Collins


Christine Kingsley


Jennifer Palmer




Kristy Heimbach


Andrea Beasman


Mike Mizeski


Elizabeth Toth


Fannie Hodges


Kelly Berley


Anthony Arestia


Heidi Guirguis


Julie Stein





Jennifer Bennett


Sarah Batovsky


Danielle Helms


Rebecca Peppe


Jadyn Mark


Tatiana Soudijn


Amanda Chittum



Social Studies

Jenna Anderson


Robert Leeds


Steve Kling


Casey Lanser


Joel Lust


Christine Post


Dr. Robert Benjamin


Jacob Pauley


Phillip Simmons


Physical Education


Russell Schenk



Karen Rothaug



Gregory Climan



Elective Department

Heather Collier(ART)


Salvatore Franco(ART)


Maia Newton(ART)


Malcolm Stewart (Music)


Luis Rodriguez(Culinary Arts)


Sgt.MAJ. Wilfred Placeres(ROTC)

MAJ. Timothy Parrish(ROTC)


World Languages

Damarys Espanola


Elizabeth Starkman


Career Technical Education/Eschool/SOS 

Amanda Lenhardt(CTE Promotional Enterprise)


David Yocum(CTE AM Skills)


Sameh Nour(Eschool)


Kristy Deperto(SOS)


Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

Jessica Palmieri


Heather Smith


Katie Hamm


Traci Hand


Steven Morse


Vernon Henderson