Digital Documents – Staff Notification of Key Documents

Below is a list of digital notifications all staff are required to review and complete, as necessary by August 24th. All staff will sign off on these notifications, as well as the Staff Handbook, on Friday August 26th at the Staff meeting. Please contact your supervising administrator with questions or access difficulties prior to August 24th.

Ethics and Equity Policies

The equity policies have been complied into online resources for Instructional and Non-Instructional Staff. In addition, to reviewing the Equity Policies pertaining to their position, all staff are required to review the Code of Ethics of the Education Profession in Florida, the Ethics Podcast and Student Policies by August 24th.

Equity Policies Instructional Staff

Equity Policies Non-Instructional Staff

Code of Ethics of the Education Profession in Florida

Student Policies

Ethics Podcast

Respect and Civility Policy Statement

Pasco County’s Respect and Civility Policy Statement

Anti-Bullying Staff Training

Anti-bullying training is required annually for school-based staff for compliance with Florida’s Anti-Bullying Law (1006.147, F.S.) and the district’s agreement with the Office for Civil Rights. All staff are required to complete the Canvas course by August 24, 2016. Please see

Child Abuse Reporting

All instructional school personnel are required to participate in a Department of Children and Families developed online continuing education training on identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect.  The required web-based course is approximately one hour in length and can be accessed by visiting Once an account has been established, the participant can go through the course at his/her own pace, logging off and logging back on as needed. If you completed the course previously, you will not need to repeat the course. 

All staff much watch the Child Abuse Podcast annually.

Student Code of Conduct 2016-17

Student Code of Conduct 2016-17

Bloodborne Pathogens

Below is a link to the Bloodborne pathogens training podcast, quiz, and documentation form for the “at risk staff”. If your job is considered “at risk” you are required to complete the training annually. After reviewing the 13 minute podcast, please complete the quiz and documentation, and return them to the school nurse. For a list of ‘at risk’ staff, please contact the school nurse.

Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Trends in Discipline

Trends in Discipline Video

K12 Reading Plan

K12 Reading Plan Video